Fiorentina vs. Juventus Preview: Juventus’ Better Form Is Their Main Weapon

Updated: October 14, 2013

Match Date: 20 October 2013 (local time)

Venue: Stadio Artemio Franchi


With Juventus and Fiorentina enjoying a break, it is Juventus’ form that shall carry them through in the upcoming match.


Team Form



After forcing a scoreless stalemate against Lazio, Fiorentina is keen on snatching a victory when they meet Juventus in their own ground.
Sitting comfortably on the 6th spot, Fiorentina’s last 7  matches saw them won thrice, lost thrice and forced a draw once. The draw against Lazio did little to skyrocket the club into Serie A’s top spot. However, this is much better than losing. Such impressive performance gains more admiration with the absence of its renowned players such as Mario Gomez and Giuseppe Rossi.
Pitted against Juventus, there is still, no assurance of Gomez and Rossi’s return. Nevertheless, if there is one thing certain in this match, this is the club’s refusal to wave the white flag easily.



A draw against Galatasaray in the Champions League reminded the Biaconeris of their poor defence. Nevertheless, the reigning Serie A champion made a great comeback after securing a hard-fought victory against AC Milan.


Despite struggling for possession, Juventus was able to convert all of its scoring opportunities successfully. Giorgio Chiellini’s seemingly clinical shot on the 75th sealed AC Milan’s coffin in spite of the latter’s strong rally during the match’s onset.


With the said victory, Juve’s head honcho, Antonio Conte expressed his confidence over the club’s present performance. Conte added that the club looks forward for more improvements in the coming matches.


Up in Juventus list of forthcoming matches is Fiorentina. The Biaconeris shall face the club powered by fresh legs after some time off of the international break. This alone gives Juve the overt advantage over the visitors. However, given the fact that many of its players have international duties to perform, the biggest question is whether all team members can remain cohesive knowing that many of them were not able to attend the club’s training. Such is one of the issues confronting Conte and his men.


In terms of the injuries, it is still unsure if Martín Cáceres will be seen in action in the pitch or whether he is already achieved its 100%.



Football betting tip: Fiorentina 1-2 Juventus

Given the short break experienced by both clubs, it is evident that it is Juventus, which will most likely benefit from it. However, they cannot underestimate Fiorentina’s force. The latter has won 24 of its last 26 home matches. They are the strongest when they play in their own territory and if they are not that careful, Fiorentina might force a disappointing defeat.



Image Source: Sky Sports