Everton vs. Hull Preview: Hull Poses Threat To Everton

Updated: October 7, 2013

Match Date: 19 October 2013 (local time)

Venue: Goodison Park 


Everton requires a little push to make it in the Premier League’s top 5. But before they do that, Roberto Martinez and his men still, need to face and overcome the Tigers’ threat.


Team Form


Even Romelu Lukaku’s early goal was barely enough to sustain Everton’s momentum as the final whistle declared Manchester City as victors in the challenging match.


Due to the said defeat, the club found its place on the 7th spot of the Premier League with 3 wins, 3 draws and just recently, a loss.


Although the result did not compromise the club’s survival, it nonetheless, prevented them from moving farther in the ranking.


Pitted against Hull, Everton is pressured to secure more triumphs.



In the meantime, Hull, proves to be a great force to reckon with on the pitch. Occupying the 8th spot and just a point lower than Everton, the newly promoted club forced a scoreless draw against Aston Villa, despite the latter’s control on possession.


The said draw kept Hull’s spirits alive knowing that they are still in the run towards making a strong finish this season.  To date, the Tiger has already secured 3 victories, 2 draws and a loss.



Football betting tip: Everton 2-1 Hull

Everton has been successful when playing at home. Eight (8) of their 9 home matches ended in victory and the match against Hull will most likely see them gaining the upper hand. The Toffees, however, should be wary of Hull’s strength. Indeed, it is true that they won in their previous encounters. Yet, with the strength and determination that the Tigers’ show, they might steal the spotlight soon.


Image Source: Yahoo