Europa League Preview: Torino vs. København

Updated: October 1, 2014

Match Date: 02 October 2014 (local time)

Venue: Stadio Olimpico


A scoreless stalemate against Club Bruges can be best described as a satisfactory result for Torino. At the very least, the squad was able to snatch a point in its first Group Stage encounter in the Europa League.


Yet, as the competition becomes more intense, the online betting favorite will most likely seek for more points to strengthen its campaign in the tournament.


The contenders


Although encountering certain problems in Serie A, Torino has managed to achieve balance both in the domestic and international leagues.


Sitting in the Serie A mid-table, this has somehow, lessened the pressure felt by the squad when playing outside Italy. The above-mentioned draw may not be the ideal outcome, yet, at the very least, it was better than going home empty-handed.



FC Copenhagen had a strong start in the tournament when it contained HJK and snatched 2 goals. The said victory propelled its rank to the top spot of Group B and will also serve as a good motivational source for the whole club. Keen on maintaining its position in the group table, Copenhagen will definitely do everything to secure another 3 points against the host.


Possible head turners

Delivering 2 goals, Nicolai Jorgensen is a scoring machine that Torino must readily contain.



Torino 1-3 København


Image Source: Getty Images via Pier Marco Tacca