Europa League Preview (Group Stage): Steaua Bucuresti vs. AaB

Updated: September 15, 2014

Match Date: 18 September 2014 (local time)

Venue: Arena Națională, Bucharest


Confident of their untarnished record against a Danish squad, Steaua Bucuresti aspire to keep its undefeated streak when they meet the hopeful AaB.


AaB presents possibilities of being a stunner against the more experienced and more decorated, Steaua Bucuresti. They have an Intertoto Cup to boot, which they can use to boost their morale. However, they should be warned that the upcoming match will not be easy as Steaua is less likely to wave the white flag soon.


The contenders

Steaua Bucuresti

Steaua is the definite online betting favorite in this match. Considering the fact that they have managed to clinch a silverware both in the UEFA and Europa League is already a testament to the depth and quality of their form.


In terms of its performance in the domestic league, the squad currently occupies the top spot. This should give them the confidence that they need should they face their upcoming visitors.



As mentioned, AaB is a squad, whose European credentials speak well of its abilities. The Intertoto Cup might be considered as a hyped tournament. long before it was abolished, but the mere fact that they were able to secure the silverware for the said competition only meant that they are not just a mere push-over club.


Possible head turners

Just recently, it can be observed that Anders Jacobsen’s role in the club has already expanded. Aside from defending, he  has been scoring points for AaB as well.



Steaua 1-0 AaB


Image Source: Mondo News