Europa League Preview (Group Stage): Partizan vs. Tottenham

Updated: September 11, 2014

Match Date: 18 September 2014 (local time)

Venue: FK Partizan


Mauricio Pochettino’s tactical genius shall be put to the test as he leads Tottenham in  its Europa League campaign. Can he handle the pressure of performing in a bigger stage?
Since his arrival, Pochettino has been perceived as the club’s savior after its lackluster performance in the domestic league last season. Tottenham seems to respond and cooperate well with its new head honcho, but it is still unsure if such team effort will yield result in this particular tournament.


Its upcoming opponent, Partizan is  a definite minnow in the match, but who knows, it might just pull off a stunner that may tarnish Tottenham’s reputation as the match’s online betting favorite.


The contenders


Partisan readily dominated the 2-legged play-offs pitted against FK Netchi during the qualifying stage. The squad averaged at least 2 goals in their encounters and these can be a good source of morale boost and inspiration for the club.


In as far as the said match was concerned, it can be observed that the squad has been prolific in converting their scoring chances. It was clinical and readily elicits the potential of advancing into the latter stages of the tournament.



Tottenham just received a 3-0 thrashing from Liverpool. It was also their first loss in the season and apparently, the result foresees a negative impact towards their Europa League participation.


Aside from the defeat, the club also faces injury issues such as that of Kyle Walker. Walker suffered a pelvic injury that could sideline him for quite some time.


Possible head turners

Tottenham’s Eric Dier is expected to step up in the upcoming competition. Giving them more oomph in the tournament is Harry Kane’s presence, who has been a consistent poacher of the squad during its Europa League exploits against AEL Limassol.



Partizan 0-2 Tottenham Hotspurs


Image Source: ENCA