Europa League Preview (Group Stage): Napoli vs. Sparta Praha

Updated: September 15, 2014

Match Date: 18 September 2014 (local time)

Venue: Stadio San Paolo


Napoli’s confidence is currently shaken after experiencing a stunner against Chievo. The squad was trying to revive a lackluster performance when they lost the Champions League bid to Athletic Bilbao. Facing a similar scenario, will the squad have another bout of humiliating defeat? Or will they step up to the challenge of reversing their fate?


The contenders


Despite the fact that they were the match’s online betting favorite, Napoli fell short in meeting expectations. Chievo, which can be literally described as the encounter’s minnow, took the upper-hand, leaving Napoli literally lost for words.


The significance of the said match stems from the possibility that such loss might affect their upcoming performance.


Napoli can no longer afford to commit the mistakes that they did during the Athletic Bilbao face-off for the ongoing competition might be the club’s only chance of bagging an international trophy this season.


Sparta Praha

Sparta Prague’s performance in the domestic league is not too far from what Napoli experience. They endured an even steven finish during their last match, which was pitted against Teplice. Though they lost a couple of points in the said encounter, their only consolation was the fact that they were still able to snatch a point in the said match.


Possible head turners

Expect a possible explosion from Gonzalo Higuain in the attacking department. Jose Callejon is also another  attacker, which can contribute in the scoring responsibilities.



Napoli 2-1 Sparta Praha


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