Europa League Preview: Celtic vs. Dinamo Zagreb

Updated: October 1, 2014

Match Date: 02 October 2014 (local time)

Venue: Celtic Park


Armed with a massive win against Astra, the online betting favorite, Dinamo Zagreb confronts Celtic with overflowing confidence that they will dominate Group B soon. Though Celtic has the right to be a little bit relaxed since they will be playing at home, they cannot afford to do so due to the risk of suffering a major thrashing.


The contenders


Celtic’s home court advantage will do little help as they face Dinamo Zagreb. They need to raise the bar higher if they want to snatch the top spot of its group.


The Celts’ first match against Salzburg resulted in an even steven finish and although the outcome is a bit acceptable, was still not enough to guarantee that they will advance in the latter stage of the competition.


Dinamo Zagreb

Dinamo  Zagreb’s 5-1 win against Astra gave them the total advantage in the group. Although the possibility that they might lose the match is still present, they will still remain on top due to the advantage generated by their huge goal difference. As a matter of fact, even a draw will work in their favor.


Possible head turners

Dinamo’s Soudani scored a hat trick during the club’s encounter with Astra. It is therefore possible to inspire another scoring spree from the squad. Aside from Soudani, Celtic should be wary of Domagoj Antolic too. The midfielder delivered crucial assists that paved way for the club’s big win.



Celtic 1-3 Dinamo Zagreb


Image Source: Newsbe