Europa League Preview: Astra vs. Salzburg

Updated: October 1, 2014
Red Bull

Match Date: 02 October 2014 (local time)

Venue: Marin Anastasovici


A massive thrashing from the sports betting favorite, Dinamo Zagreb pressures Astra to snatch an important win against Salzburg. With the help of its home court advantage, the squad hopes to dominate the clash and eventually, continue its run in the Europa League.
As for Salzburg, the upcoming game is an opportunity to feature in the competition and advance in its latter stages.


The contenders


Astra was lucky to snatch a last minute goal during its Dinamo Zagreb encounter. The latter has been successful in exploiting the Black Devils’ weak defence, which resulted in 5 goals. Due to this, Astra is forced not only to score more points, but also arrive at a more competitive goal difference in order for them to continue.



A confident Salzburg will put Astra to the test on 02 October 2014. The club was unable to secure 3 clear points, but nonetheless, forced a draw against Celtic. Salzburg and Celtic are currently tied with one (1) point each in Group D, but it looks like the Red Bulls are eager to keep the 2nd spot to itself and they can easily do this via beating a desperate Astra.


Possible head turners

Astra should be wary of Salzburg’s scoring tandem—Jonatan Soriano and Alan. The 2 have been actively participating in the squad’s scoring list and there is no doubt that their presence on the pitch can be fatal.



Astra 1-3 Salzburg


Image Source: Nachrichten