EURO 2016 Qualifiers Preview: Group H

Updated: November 13, 2014

Match Date: 16 November 2014 (local time)


Azerbaijan vs. Norway

Norway gets the opportunity to climb to the summit of Group H as they face a struggling Azerbaijan. The squad (Norway) has already accumulated six (6) points in its last three (3) matches and should they win against Azerbaijan, they could propel to the 2nd spot of the table.
On the other hand, Azerbaijan’s chances of advancing are already depleted. They haven’t won a single match since the qualifiers started and going against a strong Norway might just nail their coffin.


Prediction: 0-3


Bulgaria vs. Malta

Bulgaria still has fair chances of qualifying for the next stage of the competition. Pitted against Malta, Bulgaria’s advantage is very much evident since Malta, just like Azerbaijan is also trapped in a losing streak.


It will be too much of an embarrassment should Bulgaria lose considering the fact that they have all the necessary conditions to make winning possible.


Prediction: 4-0


Italy vs. Croatia

The controversial striker, Mario Balotelli is back in the Italian squad. This was after being left-out since Antonio Conte’s appointment. However, the young forward is given another chance to prove himself.


While spectators may not agree with Balotelli’s inclusion, such scenario may inspire the Liverpool signing and do wonders for the squad. However, this does not necessarily mean that Italy will automatically dominate possession. As we all know, Croatia is not a push-over squad.


Expect a down the wire match to transpire between the two sports betting favorites, with possibilities of ending in a draw.


Prediction: 2-2


Image Source: Fox Sports