EURO 2016 Qualifiers Preview: Group A

Updated: November 13, 2014
Netherlands - EURO 2016

Match Date: 16 November 2014 (local time)


Netherlands vs. Latvia

It is a bit disappointing to see Netherlands struggle in Group A. The third best squad during the recently concluded World Cup tries hard to thrive in the third spot instead of dominating the group.


A win and two (2) losses were the culprit why the online betting favorite failed to reach the top.


Nevertheless, it is still too early to tell that La Oranjes will not advance to the next stage of the competition. Its form and ability, despite faltering is still the best compared to other squads in the group. Rest assured that Netherlands will earn the upper-hand in the match against Latvia.


Prediction: 3-1


Czech Republic vs. Iceland

Czech Republic and Iceland meet in an epic battle that will determine the squad, which truly deserves to dominate the group.


Both squads are tied with nine (9) points each after successfully winning their last three (3) matches.


Czech Republic first made an impression when it stunned Netherland with a 2-1 win. It was later on followed by a victory against Turkey and a massive thrashing of Kazakhstan.


However, Iceland also unleashed a winning marathon. It has already accumulated six (6) points during the matches against Turkey and Latvia, without conceding a single goal. And when it went against Netherlands, its defensive strategy helped them nail a clean sheet again and two (2) goals.


Considering the strength of these squads, there is a high possibility for both teams to end in an even steven finish.


Prediction: 1-1


Turkey vs. Kazakhstan

Earning just a point in their last three (3) matches, Turkey and Kazakhstan’s chances of advancing to the next stage is already very slim.


Yet, similar to other squads, they can use the upcoming match as reference to further improve their performances.  A stalemate  is also most likely to take place in the match.


Prediction: 1-1


Image Source: Euro Sport