EURO 2016 Qualifiers Preview: Group F

Updated: November 12, 2014
Northern Ireland- Euro

Match Date: 14 November 2014 (local time)


Greece vs. Faroe Islands

Greece desperately hangs on to a point it earned during the clash against Finland in an attempt to strengthen its European campaign. Since the qualifier started, the above-mentioned draw has been the only accomplishment of the Greek squad.


Pitted against Faroe Islands, which has not won a single match and occupies the rock bottom part of Group F, Greece clearly stands out as the match’s on      line betting favorite.


However, its chances of winning are partially doubted due to the injury issues they confront. Claudio Ranieri’s decision to drop some of the team’s key players has also raised questions on how such approach will help the squad earn the necessary points.


Prediction: 2-0


Hungary vs. Finland

Hungary capitalizes on its home court advantage to gain three (3) important points against Finland. Both squads are tied with four (4) points each and whichever team gets the upper-hand gets a higher chances of qualifying for the next stage of the tournament.


It is however, unsure if Hungary’s goalkeeper can step up to the challenge. According to reports, Adam Bogdan has not yet recovered from a fractured finger and his inclusion in the squad might hamper his fast recovery.


Prediction: 0-0


Romania vs. Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is keen on continuing its unbeaten streak in the qualifiers despite the impending absence of its team captain, Steven Davis.


Davis suffered from a hamstring trouble that could sideline him in the match.


On the other hand, Romania will most likely take advantage if such opportunity. The squad currently trails Northern Ireland by two (2) points and winning this match will definitely put them on the driver’s seat.


Prediction: 1-2



Image Source: News Letter