EURO 2016 Qualifiers Preview: Estonia vs. Slovenia

Updated: September 1, 2014
Josip Ilicic

Match Date: 08 September 2014 (local time)

Venue: Lillekula Stadium


After more than a decade of being sidelined, Slovenia is eager to take the first step towards advancing into the latter stages of the European Championship. But first, it has to survive the relentless attacks of an equally aggressive rival, Estonia.


The contenders


Like other participants, Estonia is also hungry for victory. Despite the overwhelming roster of talent and potential, the squad remains on the lookout in finding ways to advance in the latter stages of the competition.


For quite some time, Estonia seems to be content in staying within the realms of the qualifying stage. Since it played as an independent state, it has been the squad’s habit to have an early exit during the first phase of the competition.


Currently, avoiding the above-mentioned situation is the squad’s main objective.



Slovenia is tagged as the match’s online betting favorite.
It has been a while since Slovenia made it the group stage. The said accomplishment took place in 2000 and with more than a decade of wait, it cannot be denied that the team is keen and to a certain extent—desperate to replicate such successful feat.


Considering this aspect at hand, it is only fitting to expect a stronger Slovenia in the upcoming match. Its desire to win is even fueled by the fact that it will be playing in a different territory.


Possible head turners

Many are looking forward to the face-off of Slovenia’s Zlatko Dedic and Estonia’s Konstantin Vassilijev.  Both players are the prolific scoring machines of their national teams.


What the odds say

Slovenia stands as the match’s top pick with a betting odd valued at a profitable 2.19.



Image Source: Delo