Espanyol vs. Celta Vigo Preview: Espanyol Ready To Tackle Celta Vigo

Updated: January 13, 2014

Both Celta Vigo and Espanyol performed well during their previous matches. Celta Vigo disappointed Valencia whilst Espanyol gave Real Madrid a hard time. But despite losing the match to the Los Blancos, Espayol remains to be the top pick of online bookies as their loss simply presented how strong they can be.



Match Date: 18 January 2014 (local time)
Venue: Cornellà – El Prat


Team Form


Espanyol remains positive and confident of their form despite losing the match against real Madrid.
The club’s assistant manager, Alfredo Tena implied that his side gave an impressive performance even though they ended up losing to Real Madrid. Tena stressed that they gave their opponents a hard time converting their scoring possibilities and this feat is very much worthy of recognition and appreciation.


Indeed, it was never an easy win for Real Madrid as Espanyol was up for the big challenge and while it is true that Espanyol failed to score additional points, the impressive performance was nonetheless a good preparation for their upcoming match.


Celta Vigo

Celta Vigo prompted a major upset against Valencia last week. Though they are minnows in the said match, they still ended as the victorious force.
When Daniel scored a goal and secured an early lead for Valencia, the club thought that the match has already ended. Little did they know that Celta Vigo’s Charles was planning for revenge and true enough, he scored two (2) goals, which propelled Celta Vigo to victory,


With the said win, Celta Vigo did not only snatched three (3) important points, but also veered away from the relegation zone.


Online betting top pick: Espanyol

Losing to Real Madrid does not tarnish Espanyol’s ability to win the match against Celta Vigo. As a matter of fact, with the way they have prevented the Los Blancos from scoring, they already exhibited their strength as a team. Indeed, they have the upper hand, but they must be wary of the sudden surprise that Celta Vigo has in store for them.



Image Source: La Informacion