Espanyol vs. Atletico Madrid Preview: Atletico Goes For Its 9th Straight Win

Updated: October 9, 2013

Match Date: 19 October 2013 (local time)

Venue: Estadi Cornellà-El Prat


Keen on maintaining a clean slate this season, Atletico Madrid is determined to have a “no mercy” show against Espanyol.


Team Form 


The Periquitos may be forced to wait before they can recover from their 3 consecutive defeats. The loss against Elche made a downward pull that is fast becoming a trend in the club’s recent performances.


With 3 wins, 3 losses and 2 draws, the squad can still afford and survive another loss since they still enjoy the privileges of being seated on La Liga’s 8th spot. Yet, as other clubs improve and collect more points, they can neither be too confident nor feel too safe. The season is not yet over and one can only expect shocking surprises in the ranking. They might wake up one day and be surprised that they are already on the brink of entering the relegation zone.


Another reason why they cannot be too complacent is their injury issues. Mattioni as well as Hector Moreno are nursing a thigh injury that will most likely sidelined them in the match. Or even if they make it to the pitch, they are short of being a 100% and such will also have an effect in the club’s overall performance.


Atletico Madrid

Atletico Madrid brags a clean slate in the league. The club is yet to have its first taste of defeat this season and is considered as one of the strongest contenders for the coveted silverware.
Despite Radamel Falcao’s transfer, the club barely feels his absence on the pitch. Diego Costa has successfully filled the void that the renowned striker left. But Atletico is not just about Costa. The likes of David Villa, Koke and Turan have readily manifested a seemingly invincible force in the pitch.


Just recently, the club clinched its 8th straight win this season. A narrow victory against Celta Vigo ended the match with a 2-1 score in their favor.


Pitted against Espanyol, the club retains the upper hand. However, they will be missing some of their key players. Raul Garcia, for one is sidelined due to a sprained ankle. The same injury holds true for Gabi. Both players are benched until October 20. On the brighter side, Adrian Lopez has already recovered from a facial fracture. Yet, there is no assurance that he will be making it into the pitch.


Football betting tip: Espanyol 1-2 Atletico Madrid

Espanyol could be the challenger that Atletico Madrid is waiting for. They may not have a clean slate, but still, they are one tough team to beat. The only question however is whether Atletico Madrid will let it happen.


Image Source: Gambar