English Premier League Team Review: Everton

Updated: July 14, 2014
Gareth Barry


Some did not really welcome Roberto Martinez as Everton’s new manager. This is despite helping Wigan win the FA Cup. His biggest accomplishment became a disadvantage as his detractors focused on Wigan’s relegation after winning the silverware.


However, Martinez proved all of his critics wrong. Under this tutelage, Everton was able to qualify in the upcoming Europa League. Likewise, it is evident that they fared better in the ranking last season that what they did during the 2012-13 tournament. Everton currently enjoys the 5th spot in the Premier League table and is keen on making more improvements.


Match to remember

Everton’s two (2) victories against Manchester United was a clear sign of the squad’s tremendous improvement. Everton were having difficulties winning against Man United. But Martinez broke the curse in an easy manner. His victories added more problems to Everton predecessor, David Moyes.


Match to forget

Everton’s loss to then relegated-prone Sunderland is one of the matches that the squad would want to forget.


Sunderland’s narrow victory readily hurt the club, considering their differences in team form and player depth.


The scene-stealers

Chelsea loanee, Romelu Lukaku had a fantastic season in the club. The Belgian star clinched fifteen (15) goals during his stay throughout the season.


Latest additions

An impressive performance made Gareth Barry a permanent Everton player.  Martinez considers Barry as one of the most important signings of the club. Aside from featuring last season, Barry’s exposure to international competition will readily help the club increase their chances of winning in the Europa League.


Image Source: TV Bet