English Premier League Match Preview: Liverpool vs. Tottenham Spurs

Updated: March 27, 2014
Tottenham and Liverpool

Match Date: 30 March 2014 (local time)

Venue: Anfield


Can Liverpool make it to the top?


Liverpool just overcame a determined Sunderland to lower Chelsea’s league to 1 in the Premier League’s title race. It was never an easy win, but it definitely increased Liverpool’s chances of being hailed as England’s football king.


Brendan Rodgers and his men has become the ultimate dark horse of the season. After a few stints on top, the club struggled to maintain its momentum and even slipped to a much lower rank. However, these were merely temporary. Once again, the club rose to prominence and voila, they are down by just a single point. As a matter of fact, it even scored better than the predicted online betting  title favorite, Manchester City.


The Reds have 7 more matches left, including the one against Tottenham. So far, the latter is their most competitive opponent within their list. This is not to say that the other clubs are a definite no match against them. But in terms of winning possibilities, the Spurs stand out as the group that shall give them a severe headache.


Tottenham is just a notch away from clinching a spot in qualifying for the Europa League. Just like Liverpool, they are also trying to overcome a 1-point lead against their closest rivals, Everton. In as much as the Reds want to strengthen its title campaign, the same thing is also true for the Spurs, except that their more focus on their international appearance.


Thus, Rodgers cannot afford to be complacent in the match. Under this critical time, the only thing that matters is to win, a draw and most especially, a defeat are mortal crimes.


Liverpool plays the strongest at home and with the hero’s welcome that its supporters have shown, playing in Anfield is one of their outright advantages over Tottenham. Moreover, it will be too much to carry the shame and humiliation of losing right in front of their loyal and faithful followers.


Prediction: Liverpool

Scoring an average of 2 goals in their last 12 home matches. Liverpool is 12BET’s top pick in the match. They are pegged to win at a decent value of 2.03. Going for the under bet at 2.29 is also a lucrative one. Since Tottenham is also one of the strongest forces to reckon with, there is a high possibility that it will impose a scoring limit to their opponent.



Image Source: Fox Sports