Community Shield Preview: Manchester United vs. Wigan Athletic

Updated: August 7, 2013
Manchester United

Manchester United will take on Wigan Athletic as the FA Cup holders challenge the Premier League champions in what is expected to be a gripping encounter. Last summer’s curtain-raiser was held at Villa Park due to the London Olympics clashing, but is set to return to its traditional home at Wembley this August 11 with a 2PM kick-off.
Manchester’s wheel to keep adrift of a victorious pedestal will be pointed towards its huge mountain of trophies. But with recent reports suggesting a management overhaul within the team, will the momentum keep clinging on their side? Former manager Sir Alex Ferguson is bidding adieu and will be replaced by David Moyes, whose knack for creating outstanding tactics will be put test in his debut with Manchester. Bottom-line, he will be the tournament’s epicenter.
As for Wigan, the management structure seems sturdier than its opponent’s. The team effectively ended this season’s FA Cup final with a sweltering success—a festive consolation for its 150th anniversary. The Community Shield would be a great opportunity to welcome them back to Wembley as they will face the back-to-back challenge of the Europa League football and the Championship.
Manchester currently holds the top rank in the Premier League overall standings. History and logic put the tournament on their side, even if Moyes may encounter adjustments issues with his roster. Ranked at a lonely number 18, Wigan has to bulk up in order to drive strong drills against its powerful rival. What supporters should mull over the team’s advantage, however, is the element of surprise it might be keeping inside its bag.
Predicted winner: Manchester

Photo Credit: Zimbio | © Michael Regan