Chievo Verona vs Catania Preview: Chievo Verona, Catania’s Next Victim After Lazio

Updated: February 19, 2014

It is quite unlikely to see Catania hailed as the match’s online betting favorite against Chievo Verona. However, their impressive performance against Lazio and of course, their better form earns them the right to be the top pick in this particular encounter.


Match Date: 23 February 2014 (local time)
Venue: Stadio Marc`Antonio Bentegodi


Team Form


Chievo Verona

Contrary to what Eugenio Corini expected, it was Juventus, which gave Chievo Verona a major headache during their last encounter at Turin.


Prior to the Juventus encounter, Corini stressed their strong want to cause problems to the incumbent champion. Yet, as the results state, it was the other way around. It was Juve instead, which fired the three (3) important goals that extended their lead against their title rivals such as AS Roma and Napoli, while the Giallablu has only managed to clinch a single goal, thanks to Juve’s Martin Caceres, who delivered an own goal.


With the said loss, Chievo Verona sank to the 19th spot of the Serie A ranking. It was also their 3rd consecutive defeat and their survival this season seemed to be thoroughly compromised.



The Rossazzurris currently sits on cloud nine as they sent the spoils to Lazio when they secured a 3-1 victory against them.
Despite the fact that Catania remain in the relegation zone, the triumph against Lazio created a total boost into their morale and could carry through in their match against Chievo Verona.


Catania has only won once in their last six (6) matches, but with a renewed confidence, there is a possibility for them to secure yet another important win.


Prediction:  Catania

Catania finished on the 8th spot last season. They may have experienced heavy blunders this season. But with a win against Lazio, one can expect that the club has already returned to its winning ways.



Image Source:  Sports Mole