Champions League Match Preview: Group H

Updated: December 4, 2013
AC MIlan kaka

Football betting’s best picks, Barcelona and AC Milan will try to continue their Champions League rivalry this season.


Barcelona just had its first taste of defeat at the hands of Ajax, thus, compelling them to score a victory or a draw. Meanwhile, AC Milan will need to ease past Ajax, which, like them is determined to stay longer in the tournament.


Barcelona vs Celtic


Match Date: 11 December 2013 (local time)

Venue: Estadio Camp Nou

Team Form


Even Gerard Martino expressed his worries over Barcelona’s defeat against Ajax. It was the club’s first loss in a competitive match since the season started. Unfortunately, Barça suffered a double whammy when Athletico Bilbao gave their first taste of defeat in the domestic league. With all of these unexpected downfalls, many attribute the shocking and abrupt decline to Lionel Messi’s absence.


Barcelona only requires a single point to solidify their stand as the group’s winner. As a matter of fact, even if they lose, they will still qualify as they have sufficient points to back their entry. The same thing can be also expected if one has to consider their goal difference. The club performed well during the initial stages, which enabled them to survive any threat to their dominance.


Performance has never been too much of an issue for Barça, It only arises when they lose matches where Messi is not playing. Indeed, Barcelona remains a heavy favorite for this one. But perhaps the biggest question that they must face is how they can cope without their trusted Messi.



With only 3 points to boot, Celtic is already eliminated in the competition. Meeting Barcelona in Camp Nou will have no bearing in their rank. Nevertheless, this will add more depth to their form as the experience exposes them to different playing styles, strategies and techniques.
Celtic has only won once in their last 5 matches. Four  (4) of them ended in  disappointing defeats, which put an early end in their Champions League bid.


Champions League betting tip: Barcelona 


AC Milan vs Ajax


Match Date: 11 December 2013 (local time)

Venue: Stadio Giuseppe Meazza


Team Form

AC Milan

AC Milan is up for a do or die match against Ajax to seal a spot in the knockout stage of the competition.


The Rosonerris cannot afford to be too complacent although they occupy the 2nd spot of their group in the Champions League. They are just a point higher against Ajax and anything can happen in the 90-minute match.
AC Milan has only lost once in their last 5 Champions League matches. However, it must be noted that Ajax forced them to 2 draws. The club should be wary since ending in a stalemate os highly possible.


On the brighter side of the story, the Rosonerris have a batter goal difference than Ajax. Thus, a draw shall not cause a major disappointment. What they should watch out for is the surprised attacks that Ajax has reserved for them. They should not forget the fact that if given the opportunity, Ajax shall score and use the momentum to their advantage, just like what they did to Barcelona.



Ajax have no plans of waving the white flag yet. After putting a stop to Barcelona’s winning streak, they have the momentum to continue their bid in the Champions League.
Thriving on the 3rd spot of their group, all they need is a single victory to steal the spotlight from AC Milan. They have the momentum and their previous encounter against the Rosonneris have been impressive. Indeed, it is possible for them to advance. But they should be wary of their opponents as well. The club has a long tradition in the tournament and beating them may be a difficult feat.



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Image Source: Yahoo Sports