Champions League Football Betting Tips: Group E

Updated: October 24, 2013

With Chelsea topping the group and Schalke struggling with injuries, their upcoming matches will decide which between the two shall advance into the next round of the tournament.



The combination of a tactician, an awakened striker and a great potential paved way for Chelsea’s notable victory over Schalke 04.
Despite his naysayers, Mourinho never lost the magic of his pitch maneuvers. The substitutions and switches that he made gave the lead and eventually, the victory to their side. From seemingly complicated strategies, Mourinho kept their approach simple and straightforward. This was evident by the entry of John Obi Mikel and David Luiz substituting for Oscar.
But the victory was not just about Mourinho. The match also witnessed the return of Fernando Torres. Torres took the lead for Chelsea while his teammate, Eden Hazard scored the club’s final and winning goal. It took Torres 2 seasons before he installed his next batch of Champions League goals. The last one was made for Barcelona and definitely, his goals for Chelsea sealed a lasting impression among the club’s supporters.


Lastly, Cesar Azpilicueta playing as a left back brought vast advantage to the club. Certainly, Mourinho and the rest of the squad has “cleaned out the garbage” from their Basel loss.


Chelsea’s triumph is nothing short of being extraordinary. Is it not also true that they also kept a clean sheet against Schalke? With this kind of intensity and a plaudit worthy display on the pitch, expect Chelsea to be one of the reigning forces of the tournament.



Kevin Prince Boateng’s fast recovery was more than enough to ignite a spark of enthusiasm and motivation for the rest of Schalke. However, Chelsea was simply too strong for them to handle.


Not even a single goal was recorded from the Veltins’ Arena. This is despite the fact that Schalke played in their own territory. Apparently, the absence of Klaas Jaan Huntelaar as well as Jefferson Farfan created a significant effect to the club’s performance.
Injuries have been affecting Schalke not only in the Champions League, but also in the domestic league. They have shown some improvements, which explain why they are no longer at the bottom pit of Bundesliga. But with their current performance in the Champions League, the squad was unable to maintain a clean slate and it seemed like inconsistency starts to sink into their system again.



Basel’s dream of topping their group ended. Steaua Bucuresti forced a draw in what could have been their 2nd victory. Whether it was a lapse in the defence or their opponent was merely lucky, the draw was incurred heaps of frustration and a dampened spirit.



Steaua Bucuresti

Steaua Bucuresti were among the least favorite in the group. But that barely matters. What matters is the experience gained from the tournament. It is for this reason that the draw against Basel found a different meaning in the club. It was a come from behind rally. The match could have easily ended in their defeat, but a late goal from Leandro Tatu sealed the equalizer. With 2 consecutive losses and a draw, it is difficult for the club to get pass the group stage. Nevertheless, the insights gained can be instrumental in the club’s continuous improvement.





Image Source: Telegraph