Catania vs. Bologna Preview: Bologna And Catania Fight For Survival

Updated: January 3, 2014
Bologna- Kone

Bologna is clinging on to life. Their lackluster performance generates doubts and questions among their fans and football betting enthusiasts.  But they still have time to veer away from the impending relegation. A dose of team spirit and coordination should do the trick for them. 


Match Date: 06 January 2014 (local time)
Venue: Stadio Angelo Massimino

Team Form


Catania is left with no other option but to maximize the survival opportunities left in the latter phase of the tournament. Obviously, they failed to impress. Being pushed to the rock bottom part of the table trigger doubts if they will still make it to the limelight next season.


In a nutshell, injury issues plague the Elefanti. The unavailability of players and the frequent changes in the strategies employed resulted into a downward spiral. Aside from that, it cannot be denied that Alejandro Gomez’s exit heavily affected the club.


Catania’s debut game this year is pitted against Bologna, which, like them struggles to veer away from the relegation arena. This could be their chance to score extra points and slowly, move upward in the ranking. A successful feat shall give them more confidence when they face Atalanta, which is also eyeing for survival this season.



Bologna’s performance is not that flattering as well. The club desperately holds on to the 17th spot of the table and even the slightest mistake can push them down the relegation zone. So far, the 1-0 victory generates a temporary peace of mind to the team. Yet, as they entered the new year, major improvements are expected.

Bologna- Kone

However, Bologna’s problems go beyond scoring and defending. The tension between the club and top brass, Stefano Pioli has been affecting their performance. Although rumors remain rumors, unless proven otherwise, it seemed that stories of the coach and players’ gap tend to manifest more clearly in Bologna’s lackluster performance.


Bologna’s past encounters with Catania saw them gain the upper hand and this will be their edge when they meet the said club.  This is highly possible. But unless Pioli and his boys decide to work together as a team, the above-mentioned possibility may not materialize instantly.


Football betting tip: Bologna

With fifteen (15) points to boot, Bologna becomes the automatic favorite in this competition. But as mentioned, the harmony between the club members should be felt.




Image Source: Zimbio