Bundesliga Preview: TSG 1899 Hoffenheim vs. Nurnberg

Updated: July 24, 2013
1899 Hoffenheim

The new Bundesliga season is now just a month or less away. This should make powerhouse teams TSG 1899 Hoffenheim and Nurnberg eager to work on more hectic tryouts so they can put their best foot forward when the tournament kicks off. But even with the pressure on, both teams can still manage to deliver sound performances.



Their upcoming match, slated to be held on opening day August 10, will drill the hottest geysers in 1899 Hoffenheim’s home court, Rhein-Neckar Arena. With their last Bundesliga match eventually leaning toward home side, will the away team underscore a sweet revenge and win the trophy or will 1899 Hoffenheim keep its fire burning and toss their opponents single-handedly? Let the derby speak for itself.



There is a stunning well of performances that both Hoffeinheim and Nurnberg are keeping in their yards. Markus Gisdol’s men have so far bagged several wins in different competitions: against Dortmunt in last season’s Bundesliga 1-2, against Kaiserslautern for a play-off 3-1, and with APOEL for a Club Friendly 3-0. These, however, did not go in the same fashion as the match with Frankfurt, having resulted in a loss, 1-0.



Nurnberg’s duel with Monchengladbach may have been a bitter defeat, but just like Hoffeinheim, the team had a wonderful set of matches in the earlier events. They were a clear frontrunner in the last season’s Bundesliga, having overthrown Dusseldorf and Bremen back-to-back, 1-2 and 3-2 respectively. In the Club Friendlies, Michael Wiesinger’s players also won twice in a row: one against Seligenporten 3-2 and another against Bayreuth 0-4.
Hoffenheim and Nurnberg operate almost in the same caliber. It is pretty much of a challenge to determine which side will pound the other. That said, a draw might be the crowning verdict for this tourney.



Image source: globalsportsmedia.com