Bundesliga Preview: Schalke 04 to face massive challenge from Bayern Munich

Updated: September 16, 2013
Bayern 2

It’s always a big deal when league frontrunners are called for a match. Why not, when pitch displays always blast beyond the ceiling? Transcending online betting odds and continuing their Bundesliga campaign undefeated, Bayern Munich have been football betting favorites for a good margin. This inevitably intimidates other clubs, more so that broadcasts tend to justify that engaging a clash with them will be expectedly lethal. But for insistent Schalke 04, braving to fight Bayern is more of an opportunity rather than a threat. It will prove to be an immense challenge, but if they win, it will also serve as a major milestone. That said, a match between them will take its course. It will be held on September 21 at the Veltins-Arena in Gelsenkirchen.


Bayern Munich have a nearly perfect streak if not for a deadlock in their fourth Bundesliga appearance. The defending champions opened their campaign successfully, proving that their faculties from last season are still intact. They defeated Borussia Mönchengladbach on a 3-1 score (their first win of a four-part saga). This was followed by another victory over Frankfurt and Nurnberg. In their fourth stint, the side turned a little complacent and have drawn with Freiburg 1-1; but later reclaimed the winner’s podium when they competed against Hannover 96. Of these five matches, the prolific Mario Mandzukic scored goals in three meetings.


Schalke 04 are not as aggressive nor influential as their current rivals, but they are certainly among the dark horses in the competition. They unfolded their curtain raiser with a breathtaking match with Hamburger, eventually finishing it in a draw 3-3. The pleasant opening was later overshadowed by back-to-back defeats in their second and third appearances, submitting to Wolfsburg 0-4 and Hannover 1-2. A victory in their fourth stint was underscored, with both Hoger and Farfan producing one goal apiece against empty-handed Bayer Leverkusen. The success was even more strengthened when the side went on to their fifth match and pounded Mainz 05 on a 1-0 final score.


Schalke 04 are a strong pack of determined gentlemen, seen quite obviously in their last two encounters. However, Bayern are an extremely hard adversary to bring down. Schalke will fight really hard, for sure, but Munich’s linchpins will win this round no matter what.


Bayern Munich | Image source: independent.co.uk