Bundesliga Preview: Mönchengladbach ready to quash Braunschweig

Updated: September 17, 2013

Esteemed Bundesliga warriors keep the German tournament an absolute pleasure, enticing audiences, sports analysts, and online bookies around the world to pay substantial attention to the top-tier league. On September 20, the competition’s appeal to football enthusiasts will again be put to a test. Powerhouse Mönchengladbach will see their visitors, newly promoted Braunschweig, approach the Stadion im Borussia-Park to launch both sides’ sixth appearance in the tilt.


Flourishing in the league can be very difficult, and Braunschweig have readily proven that. Although the side have enjoyed tremendous success in the German second-tier football, they were not as spectacular when they entered the top-flight Bundesliga. Torsten Lieberknecht’s men have not yet posted a win since their debut, probably due to issues on adaptability. Instead, they had to endure severe discomfort after being bombarded with a string of defeats from four consecutive matches. Their fifth match, while it was a decent draw, was not enough to spare them from the table’s lowest position. In other words, The Lions are in serious danger of losing their roar in the league and head back to the lower division.


Mönchengladbach have so far secured two wins out of their five opening performances. The other three, unfortunately, were serious defeats. The side’s opener was a steep disappointment, having been slammed by Bayern Munich on a 1-3 final score. They redeemed themselves in their second match, however, with a strong 3-0 result against Hannover 96. Their second defeat came in their third match with Bayer Leverkusen 2-4, and their third from Hoffenheim 1-2. In their fourth match, Lucien Favre’s players again soared with a victory over Werder Bremen 4-1. The Foals have to work much harder on their defense in order to score more wins in the future. The potential is vast, but the side need better engineering to use their skills to their maximum.


In a match between the dark horse and the underdog, the expected winner would always be the first one. Mönchengladbach have so far scored 11 goals which would seem very impressive if compared to Braunschweig’s only two. The Foals have also been able to earn six points out of five matches while The Lions stay meek with just one point from the same number of tourneys. With all these under consideration—along with other criteria—Mönchengladbach will largely take control of this battle.


Mönchengladbach | Image source: eurosport.yahoo.com