Bundesliga Preview: Hertha Berlin vs. Mainz 05

Updated: September 8, 2014
Hertha Berlin

Match Date: 13 September 2014 (local time)

Venue: Olympiastadion



Disappointing results best describe Hertha Berlin and Mainz 05’s matches. The capital club was mercilessly thrashed by Bayer whilst a draw was the best performance that Mainz could deliver.


Considering how tight the competition in the top-flight league is, this leaves the squads with no other option but to step-up and dominate their upcoming match.


The contenders

Hertha Berlin

Hertha Berlin’s present performances were barely at par with what they did last season. They were considered as one of the dark horses that could surprise the rest of the top-flight league, but none of that good old grit was present in its last 2 matches.


The least thing expected from Hertha was a draw ; a win was a lot better. But the club lost instead. It seemed that the capital club has not recovered from its 2-2 draw against Werder Bremen. Yet, instead of securing a victory to compensate for the points loss, it was the opposite that took place.


Mainz 05

Mainz was no better than Hertha Berlin. Like its upcoming opponent, the squad remains winless after 2 matches.


Against  Hannover, the club was forced to swallow a scoreless stalemate. Niko Bungert had his chances, but the defender hardly converted.


Nevertheless, compared to a loss, it cannot be denied that a draw is a better result than losing.


Possible head turners

Julian Schieber spearheaded Hertha’s scoring department against Mainz 05 and he is expected to do the same when they meet Mainz. It will be interesting to see how he would compete against Mainz’s Shinki Okazaki, who, like him, is also eager to score points.



Although it is true that Hertha Berlin stands as the heavy favorite of football betting tips, Mainz is not a push-over squad. Therefore, the possibility of ending in a draw is high. A stalemate is valued at a profitable odd of 3.15.



Image Source: Foot Mercato