Bundesliga Preview: Hannover 96 to battle out with VfL Wolfsburg

Updated: July 24, 2013
Hannover 96




It’s been roughly six months since the last Bundesliga match between Hannover 96 and VfL Wolfsburg has taken place, with the former ultimately clutching the lead. Both teams, however, recently engaged in their own friendly matches against other squads to warm up their faculties and be in their best gears when they battle out again for the upcoming season of Bundesliga.


The Reds will be facing the Wolves for a Bundesliga trophy on August 10 at the first-mentioned side’s home court, HDI-Arena. Overall, Wolfsburg has shown much better point cut than Hannover, in addition to their reputation as winners of the Bundesliga 2008-09 season. But Mirko Slomka’s men are tough combatants, overthrowing the highly competitive rival in their last Bundesliga match and adding a new milestone for their own track record. With these things on hand, there could be slim chance that the derby will not be a close one.


In the recent Club Friendlies, Dieter Hecking’s team showcased performances that are otherwise mediocre at best. Three successive defeats cannot be a good fuel to keep their wheels on the road. Their defeats from Brugge 2-1, Braunschweiger 1-2, and København 1-2 were a disappointment when their spectacular win over Sion 0-4 will be taken into account. For them tackle their opposition in the fast-approaching match, a major redesign of the team’s tactics should take off.


Hannover, meanwhile, cannot be completely considered as the better team. They, too, had poor performances in their matches with PSV and West Bromwich, clinching scores of 0-3 and 1-2, respectively. They did, however, prosper in their earlier matches, bringing in magnificent goals of 0-8 (vs. Celle), 0-4 (vs. Flensburg), and 1-9 (vs. Schleswig 06) to post remarkable victories.


Hannover 96 and VfL Wolfsburg are both strong contenders, boasting of vigor that other teams would otherwise not have. But while the recent matches seem to favor Hannover, there is a substantial possibility that Wolfsburg will fight back and eventually finish the match in a draw.




Image source: haz.de