Bundesliga Preview: Freiburg vs. Wolfsburg

Updated: October 15, 2014

Match Date: 18 October 2014 (local time)

Venue: Dreisamstadion


An air of frustration lingers in Freiburg’s camp after settling for an even steven finish against Werder Bremen. The frustration stems from the fact that they could have done better than landing in the 15th spot if they only snatched the three (3) crucial points.  But since they will be playing at home, many are expecting the club to defy the odds and expectations.


The contenders


Trying hard to survive on 4 stalemates, it was indeed, very disappointing for Freiburg to settle for its 5th draw in the current season. Early in the match against Werder Bremen, Freiburg already stole the lead, thanks to Vladimir Darida’s successful penalty conversion.


However, a resilient Werder Bremen responded on the 31st minute. Freiburg has never recovered since then. Its attack weakened and so are its scoring opportunities. The said result did improve their rank, as previously mentioned in the discussion. But it also increased the pressure to have a better performance display.



Wolfsburg’s narrow victory against Augburg helped them move to the 7th spot of the league table. After a grueling first half, Naldo broke the silence of the wolves, fired a shot and snatched a sweet win.


The sports betting favorite’s eagerness to take the match’s upper hand was evident. The club took plenty of goal scoring opportunities in the said encounter and their efforts were duly rewarded.


Possible head turner

It is not surprising to see Naldo feature in the upcoming match. The defender’s consistent display was simply too hard to ignore and should he exhibit the same intensity, he becomes a definite threat to Freiburg.



Freiburg 5-1 Wolfsburg


Image Source: Goal