Bundesliga Match Preview: Nurnberg vs. VfB Stuttgart

Updated: March 25, 2014
Nurnberg and Stuttgart

Match Date: 26 March 2014 (local time)

Venue: Easy Credit-Stadion


To see the Bundesliga giant, VfB Stuttgart fall into the relegation zone and totally out in the next season is a shocking possibility that the club tries to avoid. They have the potential, the talent and the skills, but it seemed that inconsistency is something that they still need to master.

Many have already forgotten that seven years ago, the Stuttgart has ruled the Bundesliga. It was a brief stint though, which probably explains why supporters and followers of the league barely have a clue of what this team has accomplished. The sad part, however, is that even the members of the squad have also condemned the memories of such success into oblivion. They have already forgotten that they were once hailed as King of German football, that they once forced Borussia Dortmund to settle for a nerve-wrecking draw.

Last season, Stuttgart finished on the 12th spot of the table. It was not as strong as many expected, but certainly, this is much better than what they have today. The Swabians could have slumped into the rock bottom pit of the table if not for a relieving victory against Hamburger SV.


Such result ended their 10-match losing streak and renewed their confidence—something, which they badly need when they come face to face with another struggling, yet determined club, FC Nurnberg.


Only a single point differentiates Stuttgart and Nurnberg. The former has 24 while the latter has 23. Knowing how close the upcoming match is, expect both clubs to assert themselves as the ultimate sports betting favorite of the match.
As for Stuttgart, it will not be an easy feat as spoils are very much expected. However, perhaps the only thing they remedy they can do aside from their tactical plans is to remember their golden days. Surviving may not be easy, but definitely, it is highly possible.


Prediction: Stuttgart

Image Source: Bundesliga Fanatic