Bologna vs. Lazio Preview: A Tale of Two Coaches

Updated: January 8, 2014

Bologna and Lazio just had an abrupt change of management, which will directly affect every aspect of their playing style. Which club will easily adjust and be hailed as the ultimate online betting pick?


Match Date: 11 January 2014 (local time)
Venue: Stadio Renato Della`Ara
Team Form


Looming concerns over Bolog4na’s survival in Serie A resulted to Stefano Pioli’s exit. The sacking was prompted by the frustrating defeat to Catania where the latter kept a clean sheet and scored two (2) goals.


With just a notch above the relegation zone, Bologna’s stay in Serie A is in great trouble. Thus, the need for a new manager was seen as the best approach to resolve a dilemma, which seemed to be way too much for Pioli to handle. He was immediately replaced By Davide Ballardini.


Sacking coaches is an ordinary (phenomenon) in football. This method has been regarded as the most effective way of salvaging a million dollar club from leaving the limelight. Yet, how far can their contribution go? There is no doubt that Ballardini has an impressive resume to boast. However, it is a reality that his proficiency on the pitch may not be immediately felt due to the adjustments that they have to confront.


Bologna appears to be strong in terms of surviving the relegation and indeed, they are strong. They have not entered the dreaded arena yet. They are still safe. But they need consistency. Now whether that consistency shall cropped out during Ballardini’s era, only time can tell.



Lazio’s story is nothing different from Bologna. They also went through coaching issues recently. Prior to the winter break, there have been reports of Vladimir Petkovic’s impending exit in the club. True enough, Edy Reja became Lazio’s new head honcho.
The problem came into life when Petkovic was appointed to administer the Swedish squad in the World Cup. Such situation raised questions on how he can handle the two responsibilities at the same time. Other comments comments were more concerned on the reasons behind accepting the post knowing the fact that it could have an adverse effect on the squads that he will handle.


But regardless of Petkovic’s reasons and Reja’s entry, one thing is clear, Lazio will also need to adjust. They have the edge though because of their better team form. Yet, this does not guarantee that they can clinch an easy win over their opponents.


Online betting top pick: Stalemate

With both clubs set to experience a new kind of management and a possible change in their playing style, it is safe to say that Lazio and Bologna are on equal footing right now.




Image Source: River Flash