NBA Game Prediction: Toronto Raptors vs. Golden State Warriors

Updated: November 21, 2013
Golden State

Game Date: 04 December 2013

Venue: Oracle Arena


Toronto Raptors

Despite narrowly gaining the top position (in 12 games, thus far) in the Atlantic Division, The Raptors continue to struggle with their offence. Rudy Gay and DeMar DeRozan are taking the most field-goal attempts, even though they are the least efficient players in the pack. The change in style to resolve this problem is not that simple, as individual talents have already fixated themselves in respective roles.


Style shifting poses both a serious risk and opportunity for Dwane Casey’s men. Changing the team’s approach at this very stage can be very difficult, as the circumstances dictate the troupe to tailor the players according to its personnel. However, if they do change their approach, there could be a 50-50 chance that they will fare better in the tournament.


The Raptors’ current offence has been mediocre, ranked 15th in the league based on points per possession. It is often touted as an absolute aesthetic disaster, having the league’s lowest assist rate.


Golden State Warriors

Leading the Pacific Division, the Warriors proved the kind of giants they are when it comes to points per possession and offensive production. Klay Thompson, for example, is ranked in high placements in terms of scoring and field-goal percentage. Only three other players—LeBron James, Blake Griffin, and Brook Lopez—could claim similar feats.


The Warriors are besieged with a good amount of spot-on shooters. The team’s maturity is also adding up to its already-strong form, capped by an agile avoidance of bad shots as well as an outstanding defense on all perimeter positions.


The Warriors’ public appeal is burgeoning, and it is just inevitable that many people would foray into the rapidly filling bandwagon.


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