NBA Game Prediction: Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Portland Trail Blazers

Updated: November 21, 2013

Game Date: 05 December 2013

Venue: Moda Center


Oklahoma City Thunder

Playing from behind is one of the key assets of Oklahoma City Thunder, but coach Scott Brooks does not want his team to settle on the same tactic over and over again. The troupe, currently placed in the second spot of the Northwest Division table, is determined to fight to the last possession.


A defensive force is what the players need to work on a little further. In their game with Nuggets, for example, Kevin Durant scored 38 points while Russell Westbrook had 30 points and 12 rebounds and the Thunder were forced to rally late just to win their second straight game.


The Thunder’s caliber is among the most feared in the season, revered for its great control of opportunities as well as strong focus on small but significant details.


Portland Trail Blazers

With an overhauled bench and an empowered offense, the Blazers are riding a seemingly perfect winning streak, which ultimately led to their ranking in the top spot of the Northwest Division table.


While Damian Lillard undoubtedly acts as his team’s pivot, he is just one force to truly drive the Blazers in an absolute success. Generally, and particularly with their game with Phoenix, the team miss plenty of shots, crash three-pointers, and do turnovers. On a brighter side, however, Terry Stotts’ team is excellent in the defense and more so in the offense.


The Blazers romped into the new season with high expectations of making the playoffs after GM Neil Olshey executed an understated bench overhaul, but winning 10 of 12 (so far) games puts them in a more dignified status.


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