NBA Game 1 Preview: Spurs To Dominate Heat

Updated: June 4, 2014
Tim Duncan

The San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat rekindle their heated rivalry as both teams meet again in the awaited NBA finals.


Brief background

Miami and Spurs first met during the last season’s final series. The Spurs had the chance to claim the silverware in Game 6, but Miami’s late rally postponed their opponent’s festive celebration. Miami eventually triumphed in the said match, making it as their 2nd consecutive NBA title.


The Conference Finals

Miami Heat

The heat had to endure six (6) grueling matches against Indiana Pacers prior to securing their NBA finals berth. Resilient and unwilling to surrender, the Pacers pulled off a major win on Game 5, only to lose the battle to the incumbent champion.


San Antonio Spurs

The Spurs experienced a similar scenario with the Heat. They needed to go through a 6-game encounter too as Oklahoma City Thunder almost denied them of their final spot.



The first match will transpire within at Spurs’ camp. Gregg Popovich will most likely exploit their home court advantage to get the edge over the aggressive Miami. They have the crowd, which can readily act as their 13th member and the luxury of having a good rest prior to the encounter.


After their loss last season, the Spurs had the opportunity to analyze and hopefully, rectify the mistakes of their (postponed) victory. The team’s collective efforts became more pronounced and added to the depth of their current form. This is an asset that can surpass Miami’s seemingly dependence to LeBron James.


The likes of Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker will most likely feature in their first encounter. This is despite the current injury that Parer incurred. Also worthy of attention is Kawhi Leonard, who is in charge of stopping LeBron.


If this is indeed, a repeat or a revenge in the making, then expect a total showdown from Popovich and his men.


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