Augsburg vs. Wolfsburg Preview: Why Markus Weinzerl Does Not Fear Wolfsburg

Updated: October 16, 2013

Match Date: 20 October 2013 (local time)

Venue: SGL Arena


Injuries and the absence of its key players due to international duties barely shake Markus Winzierl’s confidence when they go against Wolfsburg. After all, who fears a club that was easily knocked down by a squad sitting at the bottom of the Bundesliga table?


Team Form


A humiliating loss to Schalke and the uncertainty brought by players performing their international duties are fast becoming a burden to Augsburg’s head honcho, Markus Weinzierl.


The Schalke defeat came as a big surprise to Augsburg. They dominated the possession, but they failed to convert. Instead, it was the Royal Blues, which capitalized on the scoring opportunities.


More problems are coming over to the Augsburg camp. A number of its players are out to perform their international duties, thus, putting a limit to the number of hours they spend for training. If there is one thing though that Weinzierl wishes for his players—that is for them to return in one piece. The club can no longer pay the price of addressing another injury issue. Dominik Reindhart is already injured and will most likely miss the Wolfsburg encounter. Moreover, Ragnar Klavan still needs to serve his red card suspension.


Given the cloud of debt that looms over SGL Arena, Weinzierl puts his trust on Jeon Ho Hong, whom he expects to deliver. Another inspiration for the club is the recovery of striker, Raúl Bobadilla. If deemed fit, the striker can soon enter the pitch.



A humiliating loss against the relegation prone Braunschweig is a major blow to the Wolfsburg’s morale. Now they are up against Augsburg, which, although haunted by injuries and uncertainties, are determined to snatch a victory.


Wolfsburg’s form is in question right now. Being defeated and not only that, not scoring against a weaker club is big blow to their abilities. Despite having an amalgam of veteran and renowned players, the heavy favorite’s past performance was not even at par from the expectations of many. As a result, Wolfsburg drops to the 14th spot with 3 wins, and 5 losses.


Football betting tip: Augsburg 1-0 Wolfsburg

If not for the injuries experienced by some of Wolfsburg’s key players, it is highly possible for them to score at least 2 goals in the match. Needless to say, they are the encounter’s heavy favorite. There is the possibility of ending in a draw. But the odds are a bit lower than with Augsburg clinching a victory.



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