Audi Cup Preview: Manchester City vs. AC Milan

Updated: July 30, 2013
Allianz Arena

The third installment of the Audi Cup tournament will commence on August 1, with Manchester City and AC Milan opening the semi-final. The Allianz Arena will track innovative goal landmarks once again as the pre-season football shall play host to new kinesthetic moves that spectators would think as precursors for the Champions League.
Still ecstatic with their recent victory in the Asia Barclay Trophy, Manuel Pellegrini’s men do not seem to be losing their energy as they remain steadfast to participate in more pre-season matches. The Audi Cup will be a noble bullet to recharge their pitch power, as well as a good opportunity to reunite former teammates, Mario Balotelli and Nigel de Jong.
As perennial Serie A contenders, AC Milan have so far been in their finest form after emerging champions in four of their five latest matches, with just one draw making a space in the solid line. Although they have never won the Audi Cup, Massimiliano Allegri’s men have been hard-hitting fighters in their own tournaments. Just recently, The Devils kicked off the Guinness International Champions Cup tournament with a win over Valencia 2-1, amid a rigorous battle that brought down the Estadio Mestalla.
The past editions have never been that kind to AC Milan, have it been landing in the fourth place ever since. The Citizens, meanwhile, were only able to compete during the inaugural edition, but finished it gracefully as runners-up. They did not participate in the 2011 Audi Cup, in which Barcelona were declared the champs. This time around, the tournament is quite prejudicing against AC Milan in that history and support backbones seem to consider Manchester City as having the upper hand. In any case, the match will prove to be another full-caliber, neck-and-neck combat.

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