Atletico Madrid vs. Getafe Preview (Week 14) : Atletico and Getafe Try To Bounce Back From Frustrating Stalemates

Updated: November 13, 2013
tiago atletico madrid

The lack of creativity and fluidity were two reasons stated why Atletico Madrid and Getafe have to settle for a draw. Pitted against each other, which club will show the creativity and fluidity that is needed to secure a victory?


Match Date: 23 November 2013 (local time)

Venue: Vicente Calderon


Team Form

Atletico Madrid

An unsatisfied Diego Simeone faced the public after Atletico Madrid’s encounter against Villarreal ended in an even steven.


It looked like it was Atletico Madrid, which begged for a victory against Villarreal during their last encounter. La Liga’s next best club has to settle for a draw when they met Villarreal. Moreover, they also needed to accept the bitter fact that if not for Mario’s own goal, they could have been defeated. The clash’s  result also meant that the club was unable to score a single goal.


Simeone admitted that his side was unable to show the much needed creativity to penetrate their opponent’s defence and create scoring opportunities.

 tiago atletico madrid


On the brighter side of the match, Atletico Madrid is still in the top 3 and has a better rank than that of Real Madrid. Atletico is expected to have a giveaway victory when they face Getafe. But just like what Villarreal showed them, they cannot be too complacent even if they are playing in their own ground.
Atletico plays the strongest whenever they play at home. Their victory in their last 6 matches show that. Moreover, they average on at least 2 goals whenever they play in their own pitch. Yet, as mentioned, they simply cannot afford to go easy with Getafe even though they have the full advantage in the said battle.



Luis Garcia shared the same sentiment with Simeone as Getafe was also forced to be satisfied with a stalemate against Elche.


For Simeone, it was the lack of creativity that resulted to a draw. However, as far as Garcia is concerned it was their lack of “fluidity,” that dictated their past performance. He stressed that his side was not “decisive” enough to maintain their lead and even gave their opponent the opportunity to equalize.


Aware of the increasing competition in the league, Garcia’s dissatisfaction has his merits as they are about to face Atletico Madrid soon where their chances of winning is slim and forcing a draw looks like a far-fetched ambition.



Football betting tipAtletico Madrid 2-1 Getafe

Expect the match to be a close one as both clubs are in good form. However, what matters the most in here is the club that has a “better” form and apparently, it is Atletico, which takes this role.



Image Source: Today Online