Arsenal vs. Crystal Palace Preview: Wenger And Pulis Put Survival Hopes In Transfer Window Decisions

Updated: January 29, 2014
Arsenal and Crystal Palace

Arsenal and Crystal Palace add more spice to online sports betting via the approaches they plan to take in the transfer window. Crystal Palace’s Tony Pulis is a bit frustrated as he may not be able to get new signatures while Arsene Wenger targets more strikers after being plagued by injury issues. 


Match Date: 01 February 2014 (local time)

Venue: Cardiff City Stadium

Team Form


Arsenal’s head honcho, Arsene Wenger is keen on securing new signatures before the January transfer window ends. This is after injury issues start to plague the club.


Wenger’s eagerness to make it big in the transfer window is understandable. Indeed, they still lead the Premier League, but what they have is barely enough to snatch a silverware. Trailed by Manchester City and Chelsea, Arsenal’s 2-point lead can be erased easily and permanently. The battle against Southampton was a crucial one and they could have taken control of their future if not for Adam Lallana’s goal on the 54th and with the absence of Theo Walcott, the squad may have a hard time protecting their lead.


One of Wenger’s main target is the Schalke striker, Julian Draxler. However, the Gunners will have to wait for a while and if the club’s top brass fails to get Draxler’s signature by Friday, there is a possibility for them to sign Real Madrid’s starlet, Alvaro Morata.


Currently, Arsenal brags an undefeated slate in their last six (6) matches.


Crystal Palace

From the relegation zone to a much safer zone—this has been Crystal Palace’s story so far. The Super Eagles soared high to the 14th spot of the Premier League table after a narrow win against Hull.


Crystal Palace’s story is an inspiring one. What was formerly thought as an early candidate to exit the top-flight league has transformed into a strong force that other contenders should be wary of. Just recently, the club nailed its second consecutive win, much to the delight of many.


But despite their well-deserved success, Tony Pulis seems to be disappointed with how they fare in the transfer window. It is reported that the manager is “frustrated” on the club’s inability to sign new players that will thoroughly ensure their survival. Pulis is aware that they are still in a risky situation as the season is still far from over. Going against stronger clubs, such as Arsenal, for example, is one of the circumstances where there is indeed, a strong need for reliable and noteworthy additions.


Online betting’s top pick:  Arsenal

Despite their impressive performance against Hull, the Super Eagles’ away form struggles. They have already lost nine (9) of their last eleven (11) matches and this is the area that Arsenal will exploit. The latter plays the strongest at home. The club has alrady won eight (8) out of their last ten (10) home matches and it is less likely for them to wave the white flag during their Crystal Palce clash.



Image Source:  Zimbio