Almeria vs. Real Madrid Preview (Week 14) : Anticipating Ronaldo’s Another Hat Trick

Updated: November 13, 2013
Ronaldo hattrick

Wary of Real Madrid’s strength, Francisco Rodriguez is doubtful that his camp’s 3 consecutive wins can pull them out permanently in the relegation zone. The newly promoted club is set to have their taste of Real Madrid’s aggressiveness on the pitch and an impending hat trick threat from Cristiano Ronaldo.


Match Date: 23 November 2013 (local time)

Venue: Estadio Mediterraneo


Team Form


After a series of consecutive defeats, the newly promoted Almeria is now enjoying its 3rd consecutive victory as it broke Osasuna’s hopes of clinching a win in their own territory. The match ended in 1-0 in their favor.


It seemed that all eyes are set to Almeria. The newly promoted club has shown a significant progress in terms of their form and overall performance, which explains their (temporary) absence from the relegation zone. However, Franscisco Rodriguez stressed that a 3-straight win does not guarantee that they are already out of the bottom three (3) and perhaps Rodriguez is right.


The club’s next opponent is the mighty Real Madrid and they can be thrashed in several minutes should they fail to stop the Los Blancos. Although it is a reality that Almeria’s possibility of winning is a bit slim, this should not wane their hope of climbing up the complicated La Liga table as they will be playing in an arena dominated by their own set of supporters and followers. A little dose of inspiration can indeed, do wonders for them.


Real Madrid

Real Madrid just crushed a dominating win against Real Sociedad with Cristiano Ronaldo scoring another hat trick, following a controversial remark made by FIFA’s incumbent president, Sepp Blatter.


Real Madrid ended the battle against Real Sociedad with a 5-1 victory. Nearly before the half time, the club has already scored 4 goals courtesy of Karim Benzema, Sami Khedira and Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo has even managed to score a late goal in the final stage of the match to complete his yet another hat trick.

The Los Blancos have already won 27 of their last 29 matches with an average of 3 goals per encounter. Going against Almeria will barely create problems for the club even if they are playing in a different ground.


Football betting tipAlmeria 0-3 Real Madrid

Other than Real Madrid’s victory, there is another thing to expect in this match, Ronaldo’s hat trick.



Image Source: Daily Mail