Almeria vs. Getafe Preview: Almeria Exploits Getafe’s Poor Away Form

Updated: January 22, 2014
Almeria- esteban suarez

It is highly possible for Almeria to take the online bookie’s top pick role in their match against Getafe. The club sports a better form and will most likely exploit Getafe’s struggling away performance.

Match Date: 26 January 2014 (local time)

Venue: Estadio Mediterraneo

Team Form


Almeria failed to recover from Athletic Bilbao’s thrashing as they suffered another defeat from the hands of Villarreal. The club currently occupies the 17th spot of the table—just a notch away from the relegation zone.


Almeria’s back-to-back defeats might readily compromise their survival this season. After their 6-1 downfall to Athletic Bilbao, Villarreal kept them at bay with a 2-0 victory and certainly, these do not generate positive effects in the club’s future. The club needs to step up.


Surprisingly, despite the defeat, their current form is better compared to their upcoming opponent Getafe. They managed to score two (2) victories from their last six (6) matches and a draw. It may not be a stellar one, but certainly, it is better than clubs, which are having a hard time securing a victory.



Getafe just had an escape from an impending slip in the table as their late rally forced Real Sociedad (La Real) to settle for an even steven finish.


Thanks to the efforts of Ciprian Marica and Pedro Leon, Getafe was able to escape another round of defeat. The club’s form is short of being impressive and this can be attributed to their four (4) consecutive defeats. It could have been five (5) in a row, if not for the draw. As a result, the club has only managed to clinch a single win during their last six (6) matches.


Getafe’s struggling form is also evident in their last three (3) performances where they were unable to score and of course, win. They need to address such concern or they face the risk of losing another match when they visit Estadio Mediterraneo.


Online betting’s top pick: Almeria

Almeria will try to exploit Getafe’s declining away performance. They have the advantage since they are playing in their territory. Definitely, the club shall not waste the opportunity to move to a safer spot in the table.



Image Source: Teleprensa