Ajaccio vs. Sochaux Preview: Ajaccio And Sochaux Fights For Survival

Updated: January 20, 2014

The battle at the relegation table toughens as Ajaccio and Sochaux fight for survival and take the role of an online betting favorite.


Match Date: 25 January 2014 (local time)
Venue: Stade Francois-Coty
Team Form


Standing at the rock bottom part of the table, Ajaccio’s days are already numbered. With just a draw to brag and five (5) losses to endure, it seemed that survival is a far-fetched dream for the club.


Currently, their only chance of winning is the home court advantage that they have since statistically speaking, there is very little that they can be proud of. As a matter of fact, even with the home court advantage, it is still uncertain if they can make the cut this season.



Sochaux’s form is also short of being impressive. Similar to Ajaccio, they have also lost their last five (5) matches. However, their difference stems from the fact that Sochaux has a victory to brag.


Sochaux seems to be in trouble with scoring. The club has failed to nail a single goal in the five (5) matches that they lost. Moreover, they have also conceded at least two (2) goals during their last seven (7) encounters. Such performance does not only speak of their scoring problems, but also their defensive dilemmas.


Online betting top pick:   Sochaux

The results of Sochaux and Ajaccio’s previous matches were equally distributed. Both clubs had their ounce of wins, losses and draws. However, given Sochaux’s “better” performance, definitely, they have the better chance of winning than Ajaccio.



Image Source: Sky Sports