12BET – Bundesliga Preview: Mainz 05 sees steep tourney with Stuttgart

Updated: July 25, 2013
Bo Svensson

Thomas Tuchel’s men are keeping an eye on the Bundesliga trophy this coming season, and so do Bruno Labbadia’s players. On August 11, Mainz 05 and Stuttgart will see their gears crash in the pitch again as they are headed for a new tournament in the former’s home court, Coface Arena.



The last time Die Nullfünfer and Die Schwaben went neck-and-neck was an absolute display of impressive performances from both sides, eventually resulting in a draw 2-2. In this upcoming match, will the tourney find its way back to equal finish or will either of the teams finally become the superior of the other? This preview can provide an insight into that.



The most recent Club Friendlies that Mainz 05 played in were agreeably on their side, emerging victorious against opponents West Ham 4-1 and Groningen 4-0. Displaying such a strong routine even just during an exhibition match is a crucial deciding factor of how well the shape of the team’s Bundesliga map would take form. This should call for even more vigorous drills for the Die Nullfünfer to replicate―or even upgrade if healthy circumstances come their way―their success in the 2010-11 season.



Stuttgart, meanwhile, also boasts of stunning streak of wins in the Club Friendlies. It may have been overshadowed by Gent with a two-goal lead but it nevertheless subdued three other competitions: Stuttgarter Kickers 0-2, Heidenheim 0-1, and Stuttgart 1-0. With these fairly stellar exhibitions, the side’s triumph over Bundesliga remains relatively achievable, making a snobbish turn to defeat quite of a possibility.


On the Bundesliga League table, Stuttgart and Mainz 05 sit on the 12th and 13th spots, correspondingly. A one-place lead, however, is definitely not a guarantee that the former can overthrow the latter; especially that Stuttgart has accumulated three losses more than Mainz 05.  Taking their wins into account, Die Schwaben has posted only two wins ahead of Die Nullfünfer.


Prediction: If the match does not end in a draw, Mainz will bag the win.



Image source: onside.dk