VfB Stuttgart Leaves Much to be Desired

Updated: May 29, 2013
VfB Stuttgart


VfB Stuttgart needs to double its efforts to improve if it wants to stand even the slightest chance against heavy favorite Bayern Munich this coming German Cup final.



For one, VfB’s defense is very weak. It has trouble with its opponents’ counter attacks, long shots, set pieces, and skillful players, and Bayern has plenty of those in store. VfB should also be careful not to foul in critical areas, and to keep its opponent from wiping out leads.



On the other hand, VfB may be able to give Bayern a run for its money on the offensive side—if their aggressive but undisciplined playing style is tempered. They proved to be good at making scoring opportunities from the flanks during the May 18 match against Mainz. Also, their ability to steal balls from the opposition could be what they need to turn the odds in their favor at the right time, especially when Bayern least expects it. VfB could also work on putting pressure on Bayern from the left and right flanks.



It’s clear that almost everyone is placing their bets on Bayern, who will say goodbye to their coach Jupp Heynckes and welcome Pep Guardiola. But who knows, VfB may prove to be an underrated underdog.


Photo Source : Bundesliga