Unmet Targets Triggered Mancini’s City Exit

Updated: May 24, 2013
Roberto Mancini


Unmet “targets” and the need to have a “holistic approach” ended the three and half year career of Manchester City’s boss, Roberto Mancini.



With two (2) more games left in the season, Brian Kidd shall temporarily handle City until a replacement arrives. According to sources, Manuel Pellegrini of Malaga shall take over Mancini’s post.



Despite of securing the most-coveted silverware for City last 2012—which is also the first stop flight title of the club for forty-four (44) years, Mancini’s lackluster performance this season is said to be the cause of his immediate exit.



Mancini was caught under fire since City failed to secure a single win in six (6) of their matches in the Champions League. Prior to this, the squad has already failed to enter the knockout stage when the equally aggressive Napoli, stole the limelight.
Sadly for Mancini, the series of unfortunate events did not end. Along with the Champions League, elimination, City has to face the bitter truth that the club was unable to defend their title against Manchester United, which, literally “returned with a vengeance.”



Mancini, however, had another chance of proving his worth in the club when they entered the FA Cup Final. It could’ve been an easy win for City. It could’ve been a no-sweat match. But his ultimate saving grace was put to a stop by a sudden header from Wigan Athletic’s Ben Watson. A squad fighting for a relegation trampled one of Premiere League’s strongest clubs. Such (humiliating) incident sealed Mancini’s fate in City.



Photo Source: Zimbio