Match Previews: La Liga (October 25-26)

Updated: October 21, 2013

Rayo Vallecano vs. Real Valladolid

Match Date: 25 October 2013

Match Venue: Campo de Fútbol de Vallecas, Madrid


Rayo Vallecano

Bludgeoned by five defeats in a row, Rayo Vallecano have finally ended their long-due misery after Jonathan Viera delivered a spectacular penalty and thrashed Real Sociedad 1-0 in their fixture in Madrid. The success was even more glorified by another victory when Franjirrojos visited Almeria’s home court and slammed the hosts in a 0-1 away triumph. The back-to-back wins allowed Paco Jémez’s lads to escape from the relegation zone and found refuge in the table’s top 14.


Real Valladolid

Real Valladolid are yet to deliver their second win this season, following a tedious streak of draws and defeats that trailed their only victory over Getafe at the Estadio Municipal José Zorrilla several weeks ago. Current rankings place Pucela just one spot above the relegation zone. While they have never been in the bottom this season, their poor showings could largely jeopardize their status in the Spanish top-flight league. Players like Barmettler, Osorio, Oscar, and Perez may not be able to turn up in the squad’s future battles, further escalating Juan Ignacio Martínez’s worries about his men struggling to score.


Football betting tip: This match would boil down on who have had the more remarkable improvements in the tournament, in this case Rayo. Having fewer number of players injured and flaunting more wins in the season, the home side will plausibly rule this match over.


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Elche vs. Granada

Match Date: 26 October 2013

Match Venue: Estadio Manuel Martínez Valero, Elche



With Alvaro Gimenez and Sergio Pelegrin unavailable, Elche will have slight problems both in their attack and defense. Consistency is another department that the side are not so skilled at, citing their embarrassing defeat at opening day and a string of lame draws in their subsequent tourneys. At the back of their poor performances in the league’s first six match weeks, however, are three consecutive victories that led Los Franjiverdes to be part of the table’s top nine. It seems like Fran Escribá and his players have finally found the right formula to resuscitate their reputation in the Spanish top-flight competition.



Dani Benitez remains absent due to injury, but apart from him, Granada boast of a healthy front. The brisk physical faculties of the players, however, seem to not parallel with how they perform in the pitch. El Grana have been frail in most of their matches, losing more tourneys than what they could afford. Thus far, they have only won two fixtures this season, causing their standing in the league table to only play between the 12th and 16th spots in the last six match weeks.


Online betting tip:  With much stronger recent showings, coupled by an increasingly improving team work, Elche will have the upper hand in this combat. Granada might concede two goals for their opponents, and deliver just one inning by end of the match.