Match Previews: La Liga (November 10)

Updated: November 5, 2013

Valencia vs. Real Valladolid

Match Date: 10 November 2013 (local)

Match Venue:  Estadio Mestalla



Their perplexing form makes Valencia among the most intriguing—both in good and bad ways—clubs in the tournament. The team have already recorded five victories, one draw, and six losses this season, thus providing them a total of 16 points to rank within the higher mid-table. Nonetheless, Los Che need to exert much more effort to stabilize their form and become more consistent. Coach Miroslav Đukić is not necessarily short of any innovative ideas, but everyone else would agree that he has to invent more productive schemes on set pieces as well as more reliable player assignments to avoid his troupe’s defense from falling apart.


Real Valladolid

Pucela found the net five times in their last five away matches, but the number of goals they conceded in those tourneys was much higher. Real Valladolid are currently dwelling in the league table’s 15th spot, which by most measures, is not a place they should be heading to. The side need to aim higher, find traction in the tournament a lot more seriously, and minimize injuries to help them stay far from the dreaded bottom zone. Juan Ignacio Martínez have excellent talents; he just needs to harness them the most efficient way.


Online betting tip: Neither of these sides possesses the team form that would guarantee a smooth sail in the competition. However, Valencia are likely to play more comfortably in the pitch than Real Valladolid. In this battle, betting between 1.90 and 2.03 for the home side would prove beneficial.


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Espanyol vs. Sevilla FC

Match Date: 10 November 2013 (local)

Match Venue: Cornellà – El Prat



A record of W4-D3-L5 gave Espanyol enough points to clinch the tenth spot in the league table by 12th match week. The achievement was rather dramatic, starting off with a healthy string of victories and draws but later declining in awful defeats. The Periquitos have been performing less impressively in the last few weeks, having been unable to score at least one goal. Their defense is quite reliable, but Javier Aguirre has to look more closely into the key factors that seem to spoil his troupe’s attacking mechanisms.


Sevilla FC

Twice pulled down into the danger zone this season, Sevilla are fighting really hard to avoid relegation. The club’s first few matches in the tournament were mediocre at best, but between the sixth and tenth match weeks, the Sevillistas performed rather remarkably after striking gold in three of those occasions. However, Sevilla’s two most recent matches were very upsetting. Real Madrid easily thrashed them in a 7-3 finish while Celta Vigo rendered them goal-less 0-1.


Football betting tip: Current standings place Espanyol four spots higher than Sevilla. Historically, however, the latter have been more successful at protecting themselves from the former. In this joist, a very close encounter should be expected. And as narrow as it may get, this tourney will ultimately end in a deadlock.





Villarreal vs. Atletico Madrid

Match Date: 10 November 2013 (local)

Match Venue: Estadio El Madrigal



Villarreal’s last seven La Liga matches were a mix of low and high tides, in that every winning battle would always be followed by a downfall. The confusing form is nevertheless working to the side’s advantage (albeit, just slight). El Submarino Amarillo have already accumulated 23 points from 12 fixtures, an amount large enough to place them in the table’s fourth highest spot. Four clean sheets accentuate Marcelino García Toral’s squad’s portfolio, of which Ikechukwu Uche bagged two goals.


Atletico Madrid

Staying strong at number two, Atletico Madrid are just one point away from the top spot. The troupe have only been beaten once this season, and a defeat in their next fixtures is very unlikely. Finding the net 34 times in just 11 matches, and conceding only seven goals, Los Colchoneros are guaranteed of a smooth La Liga run in their future meetings. But at the roof of that success also unravels a house of immense pressure. If they could maintain their composure, then Diego Simeone’s lads have barely a thing to be anxious about.


Online betting tip: This tourney would be one of the tournament’s most exciting thrillers. Both sides are determined to bag their nth win this season, but either one of them has to emerge as the dominant beasts. In this case, Atletico Madrid will keep their torch burning. A pick between 1.86 and 2.07 for the away team should work decently well.


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Real Betis vs. Barcelona

Match Date: 10 November 2013 (local)

Match Venue: Estadio Manuel Ruiz de Lopera


Real Betis

Periled by a serious dilemma in player deficits, Real Betis will have a hard time finishing their next battles successful. The side’s already-dull form can be made much worse with this surge in absences. They have already plunged in the relegation bottom thrice, and if their combating skills cannot adjust very well with pitch pressure, the Beticos may well just keep themselves at home in the danger zone. Pepe Mel’s men are in dire need of a victory, especially that all of their last five matches finished in uninspiring results (including a goal-less draw with Levante).



To date, Barcelona players are the only La Liga warriors to score zero defeats.  Although they have drawn in one occasion (surprisingly, with Osasuna), Barça had the rest of their fixtures finish on their favor. The Spanish powerhouse are currently on the league’s top spot, potentially signaling a repeat triumph from last season (if so, that would be their record-breaking 23rd title). A few of Gerardo Martino’s men are injured, but the majority of the club’s players are healthy enough to organize a traumatic assault to their opponents.


Football betting tip: The result of this match is as vivid as an HD moving image. Real Betis are pretty much on the edge, while Barcelona are scarcely stunned of their trip to Andalusia. Betting between 1.79 and 2.16 for the visitors is a guarantee of high profit influx.