Match Preview: Barcelona VS. Levante UD

Updated: August 13, 2013

Barcelona vs Levante


Date: 11 August 2013


The verdict: Neymar-Messi Unleashed Scoring Prowess Over Levante UD



Barcelona never lost to Levante UD in all their encounters and there is no reason why La Liga’s top team shall wave the white flag in its first match.


Barḉa is in a bit of a hiatus upon entering La Liga. But really, this is nothing that the club cannot handle.


The upcoming foresees a little bit of change in the club’s playing style. Just recently, Gerardo “Tata” Martino joined the club to replace the ailing Tito Villanueva. Martino’s focus on possession and attacks is parallel to the tiki-taka style that the club has been practicing. Should there be any adjustments, these will barely cause chaos and disorientation in the squad.


Barḉa is fully aware of its defence problems and this is something that Granotes should be wary of. There have been talks about the club’s intention to secure Daniel Agger’s signature. If the signing pushes through, the squad shall get rid of the scourge that has been plaguing them.


Levante must remember that once Barḉa gets its defence fix, it will be a tough team to beat on the pitch. With Neymar (FIFA’s Confederations Cup Golden Ball Awardee) playing alongside with Messi, one can just imagine the scoring rampage that duo has in store for them.


Neymar’s arrival meant that it becomes easier to apply counter-attacks and it becomes harder to guard the whole team. The duo can be become even more dangerous now that Messi has finally, recovered from his injury.


There is no question that Barḉa is a heavy favorite in this match. Levante must at least try to force a draw. Otherwise, given the scorers that Barḉa has, the match result may compromise their bid on aggregate scoring.


Image source: Twentyfour7ball