La Liga Team Review: UD Almeria

Updated: July 30, 2014
UD Almeria


Almeria may be the last squad to ensure its survival during the 2013/2014 season, but for a newly promoted club, which needs more time to adjust in a highly competitive league, ensuring their survival was already a major accomplishment. In most cases, newly promoted teams hardly make it to the next season. Almeria, however, pulled it through and even outclassed some of the more senior members of Primera Division such as Osasuna, Valladolid and Real Betis.


Match to remember

Almeria’s win over football betting’s top pick, Atletico Madrid was not only unexpected, but also spectacular.  Verza’s brace during the last minutes of the match denied Atletico the victory.


Aside from that, Almeria’s encounter against Real Sociedad tops the former’s list of most unforgettable matches. In the said clash, the two had an exchange of goals. In the end, it was Hicham Khaloua’s goal in the 90th, which prevented a stalemate and gained the upper hand for Almeria.


Match to forget

Almeria found it difficult to secure its first at the onset of the 2013/2014 season. It had to endure an 11-match winless streak and had to settle for draws in order to collect points. It was not until the match against Valencia that it was able to recover from its deep slumber and rise to the occasion.


The scene-stealers

Verza and Rodri’s eight (8) goals played a major role in preventing the squad from falling into the relegation zone. Other than that, it is also hard to ignore the seven (7) crucial assists, which, Suso delivered.


Latest Additions

UD Almeria made history when it signed Dangda. Currently on loan from Muangthong United, Dangda was the first Thai footballer to grace Spain’s top-flight league and many are excited on what this Thai sensation can offer into the team.




Image Source: El Confidencial