La Liga Team Review: Malaga

Updated: August 4, 2014


Malaga is one of the clubs that need a total revamp if it wants to keep its Primera Division status. Dropping five (5) notches and falling out of the top ten (10) was both frustrating and infuriating. The Malaga of today was a far-flung shot of what it was several seasons ago.


During the 2011/2012 season, the squad sealed a spot in the Champions League qualifiers when they landed on the 4th spot of the table. When 2012/2013 came, the club dropped a notch. But still, it managed to make its presence known in the international competition when it qualified for the Europa League. But with a poor finish last season, Malaga’s glorious days are slowly fading away.


Match to remember

Malaga impressed when they lambasted Rayo Vallecano. The Los Boquerones kept a clean sheet against Rayo Vallecano and scored five (5) massive goals. Not only did they thrash their opponent, it was also its first victory in the 2013/2-14 season.


Match to forget

Soon after the humiliation it received from Malaga, Rayo Vallecano sought redemption when it dominated the former in their last match for the season. Rayo Vallecano got even when it scored four (4) goals and limited the Asian sportsbook favorite, Malaga to a goal.


The scene-stealers

Ignacio Camacho is one of the prominent figures who have somehow prevented the squad from sliding further into the table’s rock bottom pit. He scored five (5) goals and did well in defending the squad from its opponents.

Latest additions

The Mexican star goal keeper, Guillermo Ochoa is now a full-fledged member of Malaga. Expect to see thrilling and nerve-wracking saves from the 2014 World Cup celebrity.


Image Source: Videos del Betis