La Liga Preview: Tight scuffle to mark Celta Vigo and Granada meeting

Updated: August 30, 2013

There is hardly a word to describe how the current La Liga season is prepping for picturesque displays—a sweet treat for supporters and online bookies alike. Majority of the participants are apparently on fire to improve their performances from last season, seen in nearly 50 players who have been able to score at least one goal for their respective teams. On September 1, two sides will meet for another constellation of first-rate drills. Celta Vigo will play at home against rivals, Granada; this will be both teams’ third excursion in the tournament.


New Celta Vigo coach Luis Enrique is faced with a tank-deep pressure to turn his side around this term, after the team suffered goal shortage in pre-season. But the boss is positive of how the current La Liga installment will make for Os Célticos, citing his large arsenal of devices as weapons to help his side earn more scores than they did before. And his promise seems to be materializing as Celta have so far scored four goals in their first two Primera Division matches (one draw, one win). The squad are now ranked eighth in the table, a seven-spot improvement from last season.


Granada currently sit in the League table just one spot below Celta, but six spots higher than where they landed last season. They opened their La Liga campaign with a win over Osasuna 2-1 but capped their second stint with a defeat from strong contenders, Real Madrid 0-1. Returning coach Lucas Alcaraz is confident that his side will find stronger footing as the tournament progresses. Delivering a win in his 2013-14 La Liga debut with the team is an outright indicator of his decisions being complementary to his men’s needs.


Of the last five matches these teams have engaged in, Celta and Granada have gone astride even standings. Both sides have accumulated two wins apiece with the remainder being a draw. Os Célticos’ last two home matches were divided between a win and draw while El Graná’s two most recent away tourneys also posted the same results.


Prediction: Given their nearly parallel spectrum, Celta and Granada will finish their match in a draw 1-1.


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