La Liga Preview: Granada can climb up near Espanyol’s table standing

Updated: September 4, 2013

Club supporters, online bookies, and football analysts are anticipating a pitch display this September 15 at the Estadio Nuevo Los Cármenes. This will be Granada and Espanyol’s first meeting this season; and while the rankings show both sides to be in the upper band of the league standings, there remains a possibility that one of them will leave the pitch empty handed. Will Granada repeat a home loss following their defeat from Read Madrid, or will this be Espanyol’s first loophole to break their so-far-so-good streak?


Carlos Aranda is still out of the Granada pack, after failing to confirm attendance in his side’s most recent match (which resulted in a draw 1-1) against Celta. Earlier in the season, the team suffered a downfall from Real Madrid 0-1. Although they were seen as the inferior side, El Graná were fierce enough to make their opponents sweat for their triumph. Nevertheless, they opened their new season journey with a bagging of silverware against Osasuna 2-1.


Like Granada, Espanyol has one player off the team. Victor Alvarez was injured and will need a few more time to completely recover. But despite this, the side managed to remain undefeated, following a draw with Real Betis 0-0 in their most recent tourney and another a deadlock opposite Celta 2-2 in their season debut. In between those matches, the Periquitos scored a win over Valencia 3-1 where their opponents had to endure a great deal of damage from set pieces.


Current statuses place Granada in the ninth spot while Espanyol are mounted at the sixth placement. Of the sides’ last four encounters, Espanyol were only able to win over their rivals once, while Granada were able to secure two. The remainder was a draw. In this match, Granada will likely add another victory to their portfolio, and their points will be decent enough to achieve a ranking that is near to Espanyol’s.


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