La Liga Match Previews: Match Week 27

Updated: March 3, 2014

Real Valladolid vs. Barcelona

Match Date: 08 March 2014 (local)

Match Venue: Estadio Nuevo José Zorrilla

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There was never a single instance in their past several matches where Real Valladolid posted a real advantage over title frontrunners Barcelona. Not only were the defeats Pucela incurred from Barca frustrating but they were also devastatingly corrosive, having had to sustain four clean sheets in their seven most recent meetings alone.


Present tally sees Juan Ignacio Martínez’s men’s standing at the relegation zone, a far cry from Gerardo Martino’s lads’ position which is at number two (they even had a solid grasp of the leadership in the past weeks).


Football betting tip: Barcelona are off to their 21st win this season



Real Betis vs. Getafe

Match Date: 08 March 2014 (local)

Match Venue: Estadio Manuel Ruiz de Lopera


Betis’ waterloo position for 17 straight weeks is telling a dangerous meaning: they are at a huge risk of exiting the Spanish top-tier league by the end of the term. The dilemma gets even worse in that even if they scour all three points in their next battle, their overall score will still hinder them from making any upward mobility (but more so if they lose all of them). Getafe, their next rivals, would have a better chance at climbing further in the rankings as they possess the more solid form.


While there are only a few spots separating the Beticos and Azulones, the former are 12 points adrift of the latter which is be indicative of Getafe’s more developed pitch skills. However, Gabriel Calderón men would likely (and usually) put on aggressive tactics at defending set pieces to at least minimize any damage Luis García Plaza’s players might cause.


Sports betting tip: Betis and Getafe will share the points.




Celta Vigo vs. Atletico Madrid

Match Date:  08 March 2014 (local)

Match Venue: Estadio Balaídos

(Featured image: Atletico Madrid | Source: BBC)


Marooned in the mid-table for almost the entire duration of the season (at least to this point), Celta Vigo will have to move mounts [further] in order for them to reclaim a top-half position. Atletico Madrid, meanwhile, remain an aggressive title contender as they moored themselves in the top three for a fourth straight week after they bagged a point from their derby against archrivals and current leaders Real Madrid.


By overall gauges, Atletico have a looming dominance over Celta, particularly in the attack and in finishing scoring chances. The sides’ last four face-offs are also solid determinants of an apparent Los Colchoneros supremacy (with all of them ending in their favor).


Online betting tip: Atletico Madrid will win via clean sheet.



Granada vs. Villarreal

Match Date:  08 March 2014 (local)

Match Venue: Estadio Los Cármenes


Unfortunately for Granada, the ascent toward the top dozen would seem a little laborious as four of their men are sidelined due to various reasons. Piti, Fran Rico, Tiago Ilori, and Ighalo are all on the benches and are therefore unable to confirm attendance in El Grana’s subsequent battles. Villarreal also have sidelined players (Dorado and Pablo Iniguez) but it appears less problematic as compared to their hosts.


An array of measurements suggests that El Submarino Amarillo have the superior advantage over the Lucas Alcaraz side. Firstly, the guests are eight spots higher than the hosts or are 17 points clear of them. Secondly, Villarreal have won more frequently than their rivals in their past few meetings. However, when it comes to fixture arrangement, both sides are quite inconsistent: Granada at home and Villarreal on the road.


Football betting tip: Villarreal will post a narrow lead over Granada.




Espanyol vs. Elche

Match Date:  09 March 2014 (local)

Match Venue: Cornellà – El Prat

(Featured image: Espanyol | Source: Zimbio)


Espanyol’s hopes of gushing into a Europa League seeding was put on a temporary hiatus as they were held to a goalless draw by Getafe. Elche, meanwhile, have turned their mischievous form around  by thrashing Celta Vigo to pick up all three points on a 1-0 finish. The sides are now only two places apart, with Espanyol having a four-point advantage.


The Periquitos were slammed by Los Franjiverdes on their previous meeting which, coincidentally, was also their very first face-off. But with Espanyol having achieved a relatively agreeable form since that disaster, the outcome could be trickier this time around.


Sports betting tip: A draw will seal this match’s close.



Almeria vs. Sevilla

Match Date: 09 March 2014 (local)

Match Venue: Estadio Mediterraneo


There is a considerable gap (in terms of consistency, individual skills, and overall performance) that separates Almeria and Sevilla. The hosts are notorious at playing with width and taking long shots, but these might have backfired into their form as they never went superior of their enemies when it comes to defending set pieces and aerial duels. Sevilla, meanwhile, have shown dramatic improvements in creating scoring chances and picking up points through set piece attacks.


The hosts are currently just three points clear of the relegation zone which puts them at high risk of exiting the Spanish top-flight competition. The visitors sit comfortably at number seven which gives them sizable chances at securing berth in the Europa League.


Online betting tip: Both sides could net goals but Sevilla will ultimately dominate the scoring.




Real Madrid vs. Levante

Match Date:  09 March 2014 (local)

Match Venue: Estadio Santiago Bernabéu

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The current table leaders have amassed enough intensities to secure the fiercely targeted spot and come out a serious threat to former leaders Barca and Atletico Madrid. Los Blancos booked a second straight week atop the rankings as they closed their brawl against archrivals Atletico Madrid on a draw at the back of a clean sheet win at Elche. That extends their unbeaten record to a 29th match, which also includes a recent victory over Schalke 04 in the Champions League.


Failing to strongly compare themselves to Carlo Ancelotti’s men, Levante will have to nail tremendous efforts in order for them to inflict a defeat on and break the undefeated streak of their nemeses. The side have narrowly snubbed the Europa League race and are currently suffering from a five-goal deficit in terms of goal difference.


Football betting tip: Real Madrid will emerge as victors, hands down.



Valencia vs. Athletic Bilbao

Match Date: 09 March 2014 (local)

Match Venue: Estadio Mestalla


Based on their five most recent La Liga results, inconsistency is a major pull factor to both Valencia and Athletic Bilbao with only little differences to make any gap. Los Che succumbed in their last battle, although the four matches before that have generally been very successful. Bilbao, meanwhile, obtained back-to-back victories in their two latest matches—which serve as redemptions to the defeat and draws they incurred from Espanyol, Celta Vigo, and Real Madrid, respectively. As per previous meetings, the sides are nearly emanating the same wavelength, with each posting one win and one defeat in their three most recent face-offs.


Sports betting tip: This match will result in a deadlock.




Osasuna vs. Malaga

Match Date: 10 March 2014 (local)

Match Venue: Estadio El Sadar

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The league’s most resilient underdogs and the club that have fired the most impressive shockers are also the tournament’s most inconsistent side. Osasuna had a sensational, headline-worthy feat when they toppled title chasers Atletico Madrid a few weeks ago but they seemed to have forgotten to carry the momentum as they conceded three points in the brawl right after their Atletico fixture, which was  against Levante. The fixture ended 2-0 with stellar performances from Papakouli Diop and Ruben Garcia.


Malaga, in comparison, are more consistent—but not in a good way. Looming above the drop zone by just three points, Los Boquerones have been having sharp insecurities lately. Their last four top-tier matches only gave them two points (two defeats, two draws), and the form gets even worse if their friendly match with Dynamo Kyiv 3-1 will be considered.


Online betting tip: Osasuna could pull off a ninth season victory from this battle.



Real Sociedad vs. Rayo Vallecano

Match Date: 10 March 2014 (local)

Match Venue: Estadio Anoeta


Real Sociedad are among the most buoyant clubs in the current La Liga season, as evidenced by their impressive retaliations from the various falls they have incurred in the tournament. Their streak is not perfect, but there is high level of hope in their seemingly solid form. Their position is the top six—which gives them automatic berth in the Europa League (if they are able to maintain until finale—is proof to their commitment to fight and end up worthy of plaudits.


By comparison, Rayo Vallecano are almost certain of leaving the league by next season as they have consistently been at the brink of the league rankings. They are currently positioned at number 19, with total earnings of only 23 points and a goal difference exceeding the 30s mark.


Football betting tip: Real Sociedad will bring home the bacon.